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Sisters Forever

Updated: May 17, 2022

She was my very first friend.

My older sister and I were so different. She was introverted and shy. And I am overtly expressive and sociable. She was always there for me, listening to me, and tolerating my rebellion.

She was the one who stayed close to my parents when I was away for years.

I left home for college and worked overseas. When I told her she should explore her opportunities somewhere else in the world, she told me one of us should be around my parents as they were not getting any younger. But, that did not mean she had never gone anywhere. She loved traveling and had traveled the world with my parents.

She was the one who made me become a responsible person.

When I was young, I was financially irresponsible. She agreed to help me pay my credit card debt if I promised to pay her back. After I fulfilled my promise, I thought I could ask for the same favor again, but she rejected me and told me she would not be helping me if she lended me the money again. I was so embarrassed and vowed to never be in debt again. Since then, I have been financially stable.

She was my twins’ auntie-mommy.

My children were very much her baby twins from the moment they were born. She somehow had this special connection with them. I once told her I was just giving birth to them for her and she laughed...

She will be my baby sister in the next life.

When I told her we were going to be sisters again in the next live and I was going to be her big sister for a change, she laughed...

She must have been afraid and very lonely when she knew she was sick; however, she always put up a brave front. She asked me to think she was just traveling and then she found a place so wonderful that she decided to settle down there.

I could not attend her funeral because… Why was there a funeral for her if she was just traveling? I visited her final resting place the following year and asked her to visit me in my dreams. I believe my mother came for her and she was not alone, and I believe I will see them both again.

Beloved Daughter and Sister

March 24 1965 - October 26 2017


她是吉閎和薇納的姨媽咪 當我常年在外時她待在爸爸媽媽身旁, 她教我如何當個負責任的人



她說,她是去旅行而已 她說,因爲很喜歡她到的地方所以就定居下來了 我說,換你出遠門爸爸我來陪

我相信媽媽來接她,所以她不寂莫 我相信我會再跟她們相會

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