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1 -     The way you caress

2 -     Your soft touches

3 -     The way you kiss

4 -     Your pouting lips

They’re all part of sixteen reasons why I love you

5 -     The way you look at me

6 -     Your big brown eyes 

7 -     The way you submit to me

8 -     Your loving sighs

That’s just half of sixteen reasons why I love you

9 -     Snuggling next to me

10 -   You alluring plea

11 -   Whispering in my ear

12 -   Your longing and desire

13 -   The way you arouse my heart

14 -   Your yearning want

15 -   You say you love me

16 -   My angelic devotee

Those are all of the sixteen reasons why I love you

* Title is Inspired by Sixteen Reasons (why I love you) by Bill and Doree Post

   He promised her forever, and they were supposed to live happily ever after.
   She refuses to let anything remind her of their beautiful life together because it is too precious to become just a memory, and that includes his funeral...
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