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     Wonderful news today! Tech billionaire Sean Parker, founder and chairman of the Parker Foundation, announced a $250 million donation to create Parker institute for cancer research. How encouraging to see a young successful person make such a generous gift to help save lives. But it made me think about another person, Martin Shkreli, also young and wealthy. After acquiring the manufacturing license for Daraprim (to treat HIV infection), Shkreli raised its price from US$13.50 to US$750 per tablet. What a striking contrast between these two individuals.  We cannot expect every person to do what Mr. Parker did, but the world would certainly be a better place if we had more people like him, and fewer like Martin Shkreli. Don’t you think so?

今天有一則好消息!高科技億萬富翁Sean Parker,Parker基金會的創始人和主席,宣布捐款$ 250萬元美元成立Parker研究所致力研究癌症治療。看到為幫助拯救生命,這麼一個成功年輕人做出這樣的康凱的舉動真是鼓舞人心 。但它使我想到另一個ㄧ樣年輕富有人Martin Shkreli 。在買到Daraprim (治療HIV感染)的生產許權後,Shkreli 將價格從ㄧ顆美金$13.50調漲到$750!多麼強列對比啊。我們不能指望每個人能做Parker先生做的事,但如果我們有更多的人像他,而少些人像Martin Shkreli ,這世界肯定會是一個更好的地方 你不這麼認為嗎?

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