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A split of second dimmed a little child's life...

Updated: May 7, 2019

This little boy might have played and had PE classes right across the street from our house while he was at school... I can not image what his parents are going through right now. Having a talk with my children, asking them to be very carful while crossing the street, either walking, riding on a bike or driving. You don't want to be on either side of this tragic situation.

Remember to say "I love you" to your loved ones everyday.

ㄧ瞬間ㄧ個小生命消失了。 這個小男孩可能在學校時曾經就在我家對面玩耍和上體育課。我無法想像他的父母現在面對的打擊。(車禍發生在我家附近,被撞的是我家對面國中的兩個學生。) 跟我自己的小孩提醒:不論是走路、騎腳踏車或開車,過馬路時要特別小心。你不要是這樣悲慘事件的任何ㄧ方。


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