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    Today a young man sitting outside Pavilion caught my attention, especially the sign in his hands: Homeless. Everything helps, even a smile.

     "So young." I told myself.

    I approached him and asked if he had sought help from local shelters. We started to chat about his unfortunate experiences that put him on the streets and how hard he was trying to find jobs. He sounded educated, and seemed well-mannered. I told him there were shelters in Downtown Long Beach, which could help him not only a bed and food but also finding jobs. Then I bought him a sandwich and gave him a bottle of water. Not only thanking me for the information and food, he told me he wouldn't give up hope. I walked away with a smile, a smile that this young man, Nick, had given me.

    Maybe those homeless people might frighten you or make you feel uncomfortable. But the truth is some of them are just hitting rock bottom. Sometimes all they need is a little encouragement and a sincere smile, so they know they are not forgotten by our society and there is still hope.


     “這麼年輕。” 我對自己自言。



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