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Updated: May 7, 2019


I often have interesting encounters with strangers in the stores or on the streets.

   Today is one of the days. While browsing the fresh flowers in the grocery store, a man about 60+ wearing a brown leather jacket and a soft fedora hat stopped right next me.          

"Too many choices!!" He said with a big smile. "Yes!" I replied. Then he started to chat with me pleasantly. His name is Andy (I didn't catch his last name). In a very funny way, he chatted about how the young generation talked, how he was inspired by his father-in-law, both of his two sons are professional medical doctors, and more... I was laughing the whole time. Then he told me he made a pledge years ago that he would say blessing with special people he met, and he asked me if he could do that with me.

     "Of course," I answered him.

     He said, "If you want to steal, steal the heart of the one you love. If you want to cheat, please cheat the death.........." I didn't catch what he said later because I was so touched by the very first sentence and thinking how I stole Jeff's heart.😍      

Before we said goodbye, he said to me, "You are a special treasure I held in my heart today."

     How special is this??? ❤️❤️

I wish our sociality is full of people like Andy.

     我經常在商店或街上與陌生人有有趣的接觸。       今天就是其中的一天。當我在超市裡瀏覽鮮花的時候,一個60多歲身穿棕色皮夾克和柔軟淺頂軟呢帽的的男人在我旁邊停下來。            


「是!」我回應。 然後他開始愉快地和我聊天。他的名字是Andy(我沒有記下他的姓)。他以非常有趣的方式聊著現在年輕一代是如何應對,他如何受到他岳父的啟發,他的兩個兒子都是專業的醫生等很多話題。逗得我一直笑。然後他告訴我,他多年前做了一個承諾,他會祝福他遇到的特別的人。他問我是否可以祝福我。

「當然。」我回答他 他說: 如果你想偷竊,偷你愛的人的心。如果你想欺騙,請欺騙死亡..........

我沒有聽到他後來說的話,因為我被他説的第一句話感動,並想著我是如何偷走Jeff的心. 在我們說再見之前,他對我說。 “你是我今天心裡將珍惜的寶藏。”

這有多特別??? ❤️❤️


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